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Based in Fort Wayne, IN, Fracica Enterprise, Inc. is dedicated to assisting companies increase visibility, awareness, and revenue by helping them using the best cost effective combination of traditional and digital marketing methods and thereby finding their voice in an ever increasingly crowded market place. It's no secret companies struggle to make their numbers; they have stretched resources to the breaking point, and continue to challenge employees to do more with less. Driving sales, increasing revenue, proving ROI, adding value to marketing and lead generation programs is not difficult if you know how to do it. That is where Fracica Enterprises, Inc. can help. Give us a call today to discuss your particular concerns and can custom tailor a solution that meets your needs.

Our Philosophy

With Fracica Enterprises, Inc., you'll never pay an hourly rate. My fee represents my contribution to the results of the project with a significant return on that investment for you my client and equitable compensation for me. This way there is always a cap on your investment. It would be unfair if you had to make an investment decision every time you may need my help. Your people should never have to worry about getting budgetary approval before picking up the phone and asking for help. All phone calls, consultations, travel, training, and materials are included in our fee. That way you can focus on getting the assistance you need to complete your project. This way we can build a powerful partnership; you cannot foster reliance when there is always monetary consideration involved. In addition, this is clearly the easiest way to work together.


Mark Matteson, Author, Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Fear Forever, A Simple Choice, It's About TIME   Sparking Success

"Andy thanks for your terrific marketing presentation at my Mix Group meeting in Philadelphia. Our members got a lot out of it and we appreciate your insights. We also love your book, there’s a lot of great information there. I recommend that every business owner should read it.
Mark Bulmahn, President, Master’s Heating and Cooling, Inc.”

“Andy, thank you so much for helping me with my website. I really appreciate the work you have done, it is now better than ever, and I really appreciate your responsiveness and customer service. Thanks so much,"
June Kerr, Author, Rabboni My Love: A Memoir of Jesus’ Wife Mary Magdalene

"Andy, thanks for the great website! You are awesome, great customer service. I love the flyer, sales letters and business cards too."
Joe Fish, President, Loop Enterprises, Inc.

"Andy Fracica came to my rescue after two years of me paying for a domain name and not having a website. This man not only can build a great website, he returns phone calls too. He's done a great job, worth every penny, check it out at Kathleen's Promo Products"
Kathleen McCord, Owner Kathleen's Promo Products

"Andy, I want to thank you again for your help and instruction over the last year. We are coming off our best year since pre Obama, pre 2007 stock market crash, and almost back to late 90s. It would not have happened had I not refocused and gotten a passion back to do business. For this I an grateful to you for prodding me that way. Thanks again."
Mike Kaufman, President, Kaufman Well Drilling, Inc.

“In a nutshell... Andy "gets-it." He totally understands that chasm that exists between marketing and sales. More importantly, he knows how to bridge that chasm with a sales lead management solution that works for marketing and sales. He is a breath of fresh air to work with.”
Richard Erschik, President, Leads to Sales Inc.

“Andy is one of the most creative, out-of-the-box marketing thinkers I know. He not only pioneered several industry "firsts" by launching new online tools for York's dealers and distributors, but also helped carve out a unique brand position that set York apart in the marketplace."
Brett Knobloch, President, JGSullivan Interactive, Inc.

“Andy is key to the marketing success of WaterFurnace. He recognizes and capitalizes on opportunities that go unnoticed and are overlooked by others. Our organization hugely benefits from Andy's knowledge and effort.”
Tim Beachy, Controls Integration Engineer, WaterFurnace International

“Andy, brings several needed tool set to the table, out-of-the-box thinker, creativity, and vision. Andy understands marketing and is willing to do what others will not. Andy brings energy and passion to his projects, making him a valuable team member.”
Sandra Allen, Marketing Specialist, Johnson Controls, Inc

“Andy was an excellent partner at WaterFurnace. We had occasion to work together on joint events and he always held an impressive command of the details of the event and made it really effortless on my part to facilitate any participation that was required from our office. Andy is a clear, concise communicator that demonstrates a strong commitment to deliver on the projects we've worked on together.”
Derek Pillie, District Director, Office of Congressman Mark Souder

“I had the pleasure of interacting with Andy in a Professor/Student relationship in four classes. Andy is a hard worker and strives to produce quality work. Andy was the team lead and worked hard to make sure that everything was of the highest quality before it was presented or turned in for grading. Andy is an asset to any organization that he is associated with.”
Dr. Brian Perryman, M.B.A., Ed.D., Asst. Prog. Dir, Rose State College

“Working with Andy was always a tremendously rewarding experience. Andy demanded a high level of creativity and knew how to get the best possible product, execution and implementation from his marketing partners.”
Jeff Hurt, Vice President / Account Group Manager, Godfrey Advertising

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